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Technology for the regulated industry. 15 years. It's time.
If I ever find myself experiencing success it is because I'm able to identify with the party seeking for a functional solution to a problem. In IT we always referred to as the business... what a thing to call it. WE are the business.
The Business of IT.

This Is My Story

Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Went to High School and became aware there. My amazing mother really pushed me to go to school abroad and was ultimately able to secure acceptance through the admissions process at The University of Florida - Go Gators! Graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree and then got a job. Normal. Like evvvveeeerybody else. Right...

I've spent many years making software that helps heavily regulated enterprise achieve their compliance goals, innovating within tightly controlled budgets all while having a blast! I love creating experiences. I love engaging and helping people. I love what I do for a living. I truly do! What more can you ask for...?

The What

Connecting and helping people through solving problems together. Well, just for the sake of solving problems; to be real.

The Why

As overtly aggressive as it may come across: the hunt is all there is. Seeing that next step within my reach brings me happiness.

The How

Being in the same room with people working through their plans for their career, life and family. Help folks reach that next step that they're having so much trouble seeing.

The Meter

Quality is the measure of success. I fully believe we must consider "quality" is the over-arching governing principle in everything that we do.

Well, I put in half the effort and, mama, look at me now!

No One Ever